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Worldpay Payments Extended Payment Module

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Released some time ago now, this extension to the standard payment module adds a couple of features:
– if the payment is cancelled in Worldpay, the shopper is returned to the shop checkout to choose another payment method
– for successful payments, the fraud checking information is carried through to oscommerce and recorded in the order history

Available to download from the addons area and also from a branch off the master in a fork of 2.3.4BS – see the wiki in my fork:

osC Addon: SPPC (Separate Prices Per Customer)

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Now, just to be clear, I can’t claim much credit for this. It’s a huge add-on developed by lots of people including Jan Zonjee.

All I’ve done is to apply all the specified changes to a 2.3.1 store instead of 2.2, do some testing and bug fixing, and upload the results. I’m also keeping a store online with it implemented (at least for now) and following the thread so I can support any 2.3.1-specific problems.

You can download it from osCommerce Add-ons and get help in the support forum.

osC Add-on: Quick UK Localisation

Monday, April 18th, 2011

There might be thousands of existing add-ons for osCommerce 2.2, and it’s even true that many of them work on 2.3.1, but sometimes there isn’t what you need and you have to get on and do it yourself… so I did.

Initially aimed at converting an already-installed store (eg. from cpanel / Fantastico etc), this add-on has been extended so that you can overwrite the downloaded osc install and then run it in one step.

It basically converts the installed store and sample data from being US-based to UK-based, including date format, currency, address format. It sets up a European tax zone, changes ‘state’ to ‘county’ and leaves this free-text.

If you might need it, you can get it at osCommerce addons and see what it looks like in my development store. If you’ve got questions about it, please use the support forum, unless you want to ask me for paid help in implementing it, in which case get in touch directly.