Logos & Merchandising by Your Montage
Brainstorming logo ideas

The long-term success of a small business depends on the reputation you develop through satisfying customers. At the beginning, a suitable image means you're not just another name in the phone book or just one of the numerous websites that come up in a search engine. How you present your business can embody the values that are important to you and some of that comes across to potential customers.

The most valuable sources of an established business are usually repeat business and referrals, but if you can attract more than your fair share of first-time customers you can keep ahead of the game; and of course for a new business there's a lot of catching up to do. An image can say a lot about you, how you work and what you do; you can use this to stand out from your competitors instead of just filling a space on your stationery with a pretty picture. When was the last time you were given a take-away pizza menu that doesn't have a slice of pizza on the front or a business card with more than contact text and a squiggle on it?

Here are some ideas for how I can help you stand out

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