Stationery and Logos by Your Montage
Stationery & business cards

The quality of modern ink-jet printers is such that you can print the top of headed stationery at the same time as the content and still give a professional appearance, as long as you are using a professional design. This method is more expensive for long runs (e.g. extensive mailshots or door-to-door leaflets), but is adequate for most small businesses around start-up, and will help to focus your capital more directly on business development. I can prepare templates for your documents that include your logo.

You can take the same approach for business cards; stationery packs are available with pre-cut card to fit in your printer - I prepare a layout for you and the you can print them off as and when required, 10 to an A4 page.

If you require large quantities of stationery or cards, it will be best to get them printed; please call for a quote.

Use Skype to call me free over the internet (see the white box in page top right corner), email me via the form on the contact page or give me a ring (number here) to discuss it further